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Apart from our extensive exhaust and muffler services we also offer the following:

Drive lines
Front end
Tune ups
Frame repairs and modifications

We only use top quality Brands in our servicing and repairs which are all covered by guarantee:

Power stop
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Suspension:
Front end:
Auto Extra
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Exhaust:
Flow Master
Magna Flow
Different Trend
Tune ups:
Blue streak
[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]Rims:
YKW Wheels
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Whether it is your first car or pickup and you just want to make a statement or it’s that long time love from 1957, we have a solution for you.

Here at MP Automotive we have options for custom exhaust packages from a simple add-on to the full system. Stock systems can be duplicated or we can replace just the defective parts (mufflers, pipes, catalytic converters, flex pipes, gaskets, or hangers etc).
We can custom make and fit any exhaust system for any car or pickup.
We can practically do almost anything with exhaust. Whether it’s single, dual, quiet, loud, little, big, mild, or wild, drop by or just give us a call with your requirements or ideas.


Brakes, they are your vehicles most Important Safety System.

Rotors, pads and the level of brake fluid in your braking system are a carefully balanced formula to enable your brakes to perform at their maximum capability to help prevent incidents and accidents from happening.
A yearly inspection of your vehicles braking system is highly recommended to detect corrosion and wear to prevent sudden failure.

At MP Automotive we can offer a full service and replacement of your vehicles braking system should it be required.

We only use top quality Brands in our servicing and repairs which are all covered by guarantee.

Summer Specials

Summer is here!
To celebrate we are starting our summer sale on all brands of tires.

Did you know that the wrong choice of tire can hurt your vehicle and your pocket book?

We can help you choose the best brand of tire to maximize your vehicles gas consumption and performance.

Call us or email us for a competitive quote today.

Make the smart choice and get expert advice on how we can help you save those hard earned dollars!


One of the main contributing factors to uneven tire wear is poor suspension.

This over the life time of your vehicle can add up to  thousands of dollars in unnecessary tire renewals and repairs. 

Poor suspension can also be a contributing factor in uneven braking and steering in an emergency situation.

If you suspect that any of the above affects your vehicle contact us or come by the workshop and we’ll find a solution that fits your requirements.


Who are we

MP Automotive backs its services with 34 years of experience and a commitment to finding customers the most cost-effective repair and maintenance options. Its mechanics work on all domestic and foreign makes and models, performing services such as certification inspections and tune-ups. Installing custom exhaust and performance mufflers from Walker and IMCO Exhaust is also a shop specialty.

“Along with quality affordable repairs, customer service is our top priority.”

Mick Payne, Owner.

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