Exhaust systems on cars perform several functions:

to reduce engine noise, reduce pollution, improve performance, increase fuel economy and most importantly direct poisonous gases away from the vehicle and its passengers traveling inside.

The exhaust system can be compared to the “lungs” of your vehicle – it expels the used gases from the engine and the way in which it is done can affect the performance of your car. If you have poorly running exhaust system, it will affect your fuel economy and may also fail a vehicle emissions test. So, it’s important to ensure you keep your exhaust system in the best possible condition it can be.

We pride ourselves on giving the best quality work at the best competitive prices available.

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Whether it is your first car or pickup and you just want to make a statement or it’s that long time love from 1957, we have a solution for you.

Here at MP Automotive we have options for custom exhaust packages from a simple add-on to the full system. Stock systems can be duplicated or we can replace just the defective parts (mufflers, pipes, catalytic converters, flex pipes, gaskets, or hangers etc).
We can custom make and fit any exhaust system for any car or pickup.
We can practically do almost anything with exhaust. Whether it’s single, dual, quiet, loud, little, big, mild, or wild, drop by or just give us a call with your requirements or ideas.

Who are we?

MP Automotive backs its custom builds and repairs with 34 years of experience and a commitment to finding customers the most cost-effective repair and customization options. Its mechanics work on all domestic and foreign makes and models,  installing custom exhaust and performance mufflers from Walker and IMCO as well as other leading brands.

“Along with quality affordable repairs and replacements, customer service is our top priority.”

Mick Payne, Owner.

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What people say about us

We take pride in our work and in our customer service. You will always get a straight answer from us along with a straightforward no nonsense quote on every job that we do for you.

Tony A. Orillia
Very good service. Reasonably priced.
Was kept informed of all work needed and cost of repair.
Will definitely return for any future repair needs. No reason to go anywhere else.”

Darell W. Atherley
“I recommended MP Automotive to my Mom after I discovered I couldn’t do the repair myself.  Mick really went out of his way to make sure my Mom was really taken care of. MP care about their customers and listens to their needs.

Vern N. Barrie
“No muss no fuss, 5 star service

Cheryl T.
“I went to MP Automotive after trying three other repair places. I was treated really nicely and informed of exactly what was required to fix my car. Unlike the other places I went to who thought I was “Just a girl and wouldn’t understand” and tried to sell me a complete exhaust. I’m going to recommend this place to everyone in my school!

Rick B. Orillia
“Took my car to MP Auto after the last shop I went to couldn’t find the odd knocking sound from my muffler and charged me 2 hours for the privilege! These guys fixed it in 30 minutes!!! Totally returning for my future exhaust needs”